Users of iFYRON have the right to manage, use and delete the data generated by the platform, and the following is clearly explained for data deletion:
Range of data that can be deleted:
1. The project created by the user and the basic information of the project; when there is a product that has been released for mass production, the corresponding project does not provide deletion operation.
2. Products created by users themselves and basic product information, including but not limited to: function definition, interface style, alarm configuration, and distribution network guidance graphics. Published products do not provide deletion operations, but do not include configuration information related to human-machine interaction, such as alarm configuration, interface style, and distribution network guidance.
3, APP and product associated configuration information.
4. The service operation log information generated by user operations does not provide the ability to delete operations, and the retention period is up to 30 days.
Description of deletion mechanism:
1. The deletion mode of project information, product information, and product-related configuration information adopts the logical deletion mode, that is, the original data source records will be retained in the database after the deletion operation. The current retention duration is long-term.

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